Coast To Coast Walk

Coast To Coast Walk

Coast To Coast Walk

Coast To Coast Walk

By now your probably wondering what all the fuss is about with this so called Coast to Coast walk?

Let me try my best to now explain what all the hullabaloo is about and it starts with one of the Lake Districts most recognisable charismatic characters as the Coast to Coast walk was the brain child of Alfred Wainwright, the well known writer and hill walker. It is often referred to as Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk or even Wainwright’s Way. Wainwright him self recommends you dip their booted feet in the Irish Sea at St Bees, and at the end, dip their naked feet in the North Sea at Robin Hood’s Bay.

Coast To Coast Walk

The Coast to Coast Walk crosses three of our contrasting National Parks and undoubtedly some of England’s finest scenery including;

The Lake District National Park

The Yorkshire Dales National Park

The North York Moors National Park

The walk starts besides the Irish Sea at St Bees on the Cumbrian coast and while Wainwright’s Coast to Coast walk is not one of Britain’s official National Trails it is one of the most popular long distance paths in the country. Whilst crossing northerner England from St Bees the walk concludes in Yorkshire’s eastern coast at Robin Hood’s Bay.

While the walk is not as demanding as the Pennine Way, the Coast to Coast walk should be treated with respect as it does have some challenging sections especially in the west.

The Coast to Coast Walk is 190 miles in total (according to a recent re-measure the real distance is almost 220 miles) and if it was your intention to complete the walk in one go, its estimated it would take something like 12 to 14 days to finish depending on fitness levels and stop overs. There are some high and tricky ascents to negotiate along the trail, although alternative routes are available to avoid the worst of these if you don’t fancy the challenge. The route is mostly un-sign posted so good map reading is essential.

According to our Alfred Wainwright the coast to coast walk is split into 12 official sections, although some allow a little longer on the more arduous sections.

As with most long distant paths the route is split into manageable sections that are easier to navigate and become mini walks. When planning your walk these smaller section maybe between lodgings or even a small walk and a day out.

Due to the popularity of the area and the Coast to Coast walk it is advisable to book in advance if you are planning on staying in the hotels, pubs, Bed and Breakfasts or campsites along the route.

Coast To Coast Walk

  1. St Bees
  2. St Bees – Ennerdale Bridge 14 miles.
  3. Ennerdale Bridge – Rosthwaite 14 miles.
  4. Rosthwaite – Patterdale 17 miles.
  5. Patterdale – Shap 16 miles.
  6. Shap – Kirby Stephen 21 miles.
  7. Kirby Stephen – Keld 13 miles.
  8. Keld – Reeth 11 miles.
  9. Reeth – Richmond 11 miles.
  10. Richmond – Ingleby Cross 23 miles.
  11. Ingleby Cross – Clay Bank Top 12 miles.
  12. Clay Bank Top – Glaisdale 18 miles.
  13. Glaisdale – Robin Hood’s Bay.

The below Google map shows two points of reference, one being the starting point and one being the finishing point of the Coast to Coast Walk.

View Coast To Coast Walk in a larger map

However you decide to complete this walk, in one go or in sections for a weekend break, or simply a day out, remember your good walking boots, equipment and enjoy the Coast To Coast Walk.