Pooley Bridge Walks

Pooley Bridge Walks

The Dacre Bears

Pooley Bridge Walks

Lunch And Just Desert.

There are many circular and triangular walks in the world although not as many which are short, yet long enough to work up an appetite, and with such excellent all round benefits as the one I am about to tell you of.

This particular Pooley Bridge walks I have called Lunch and Just Desert with good reason. It’s quite simple! I love my deserts and I enjoy being a little naughty as I am sure we all do? Therefore the title of this walk is a little play on words and will unfold some more as you read on.

This Pooley Bridge walks is between the Lakeland village of Dacre, which is situated not too far from Penrith and Pooley Bridge, and the stately home of Dalemain, which is open to visitors (but do check on opening times!).

There is both parking in the village hall car park of Dacre or near to the 18th Century Horse and Farrier Inn at Dacre to one end of the walk, or parking within the grounds of Dalemain at the other end of the walk.

Pooley Bridge Walks

Dacre Castle

I would suggest a good time to do this walk would be when both the above establishments are open as this definitely makes the walk more rewarding to all, including the little people.

The Pooley Bridge walks is between the historic village of Dacre and its medieval Church and peel tower type castle and Dalemain. Depending on your view point one can start from which ever end you desire although I would recommend parking at Dalemain and commencing the walk from there.

Once parked up at Dalemain in the visitors parking you will see towards the right of a stone building is a road with cattle grid and this you need to aim for and follow the road towards the courtyard of Dalemain. Keeping to your right you will pass an old gamekeepers lodge on your right as the road opens up into the courtyard.

Pooley Bridge Walks

The Village Green

Pooley Bridge Walks

To the right there is visible a stonewall of maybe 10 feet in height and I might suggest this to be possibly a walled garden on the other side. Following the tall stonewall and keeping it to your left follows the single-track all the way towards Dacre.

This is then a very simple walk with just a few gentle slopes of very little incline and I would say it is a good walk for all and of all ages. No great skill is needed in following the track road as it just opens out in front of you.

There are sheep about in the fields so keeping dogs on a lead is advisable.

Once you get near to the end of the pathway keep an eye to your left for the Peel tower castle of Dacre, which has a history all of its own. As you pass the tower on your left if you look to your right you should see St Andrews Church and believe it or not; Dacre has had a church for over a 1,000 years !

Pooley Bridge Walks

Within the grounds of the Church you can see the old and famous Dacre Bears and you may visit this website link to find out more; http://www.visitcumbria.com/pen/chp1.htm or


The church is well worth a visit.

Keeping to the path and passing the tower you will come to a T junction and if you turn right you will see a short distance in front of you the old 18th Century Inn, the Horse and Farrier.

Pooley Bridge Walks

18th Century Horse And Farrier, Dacre

On entering the public house I would recommend if you get your timing just right that this would be a grand time for a spot of Lunch after a brisk walk from Dalemain. For a reasonable price I would go for lunch here and a sample of the cask ales, obviously just going for the main course.

All good reasoning would then justify after all this exercise and precision timing that it would be possible to make it all the way back to the exquisite old tea room at Dalemain for Just Desert and coffee !!

What more can one ask of a good walk? Fresh air, exercise, beautiful Lakeland scenery and wholesome food to boot!!

This is a great Pooley Bridge walks and being a circular route is great for parking your car any where upon the route.